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Welcome to Eatsz Life:) My personal blog about pretty much anything, from food to parenting, to life in Israel. I'm giving myself free rein to write about any topic here, so if it seems super random, it probably is. 

My name is Sarit, I'm 32 and married to Zvi. We started dating at 16, so we basically grew up together and watched each others' journeys unfold. In 2019, we moved to Israel from Toronto, which I had finally agreed to on a whim just a month after our first son was born. Zvi thought I was bluffing, yet here we are. Never underestimate an emotional, sleep deprived new mom.  


Both Zvi and I have switched careers since our move, which was totally unplanned. I'm a marketing writer in high tech and Zvi is a chef. You know how everyone started cooking during the pandemic? Well lucky for me, his new hobby stuck. 


I'm also essentially Zvi's marketing manager i.e. paparazzi (Follow us on Eatszlife:) 

And one fun fact about me...I'm the youngest of seven (always gets reactions). 

k that's all for now. 

Thanks for being here:) 


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